Clean without Toxins by Katlynne age 11

In school this year, we had to do a earth day project. For my project I made
non-toxic cleaners. In my house we stopped using cleaners such as pledge and
windex which include toxins that hurt the environment and is not good for our
bodies. The cleaners that I now use are made from scratch that do not include


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Part 2: Why is it important to take care of the planet?

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Kids Helping the Planet Part One

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Helping the Earth One Cloth Bag at a Time: Emma, age 6

I don’t like plastic bags because they blow around and end up in the ocean. Turtles think they are jelly fish and try to eat them. They get sick and can die.

That’s why I like to use cloth bags. My mom and I chased a plastic bag blowing down the street this week. I didn’t want it to end up in the ocean.

I hope everyone uses cloth bags and stops using plastic bags.

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Welcome to the Loui Saves the Earth Blog Site

Hi. Here at Loui Saves the Earth blog you can read about all the great things kids are doing to help the Earth.

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